Music and Life


Music has great emphasis in modern life. Music plays important roles in everyone’s life .Music is collection of rhythm, tunes, sounds & loudness. Music is art of represent cultural activity & make piece in the mind of person. Music is produced by many musical instruments like electronic & Manual guitar, automatic piano rhythms, folk musical instruments like dhol, tumbi etc. Various artist Produced different sounds of music with help of these musical instruments. Various rhythms are combined to make music and perfect bass used for enter loudness in sound of music. Music starts with music and end with song & raps. Because today era has more craze about rap songs. Every song has one rap paragraph in full song. There are various famous Punjabi rappers like xnxx,Bohemia, Yo Yo Honey singh and International Rappers like Notorious B.I.G, Eminem etc. Music is the combination of genres and subgenres. There are different styles of musical sounds for representing feeling i e happiness, sadness etc. Music has universal applicability, without music life becomes worthless.Everyperson weather teen, young, old age everybody listen music.



Composition is the collection of art of making music. Singers make composition of lyrics for making music. every song has different composition. Composition has main role in making music. Before making music, Composer makes music nodes, with these Music nodes singer sing songs. It’s also called outline of song. It gives theme to the music for setting the lyrics , music in traditional era singer take the help of composer for setting the frame of song but in modern era singer himself set song before sing because technology develop various electrical instruments which automatically convert lyrics and show different frames for sing the song.

Music & Life:-

Music plays great role in life because people change their life with changing music styles. Music change the personality of the person .People adopts the musical updating easily so they change their self easily. Some people attach their emotions with music. When people:-

  1. Feel sad then they will listen sad songs.
  2. Feel happiness then they will listen dance, bhangra, pop songs.
  3. Feel romantic then they will listen Romantic & Lovable songs.
  4. Feel Aggressive then they will angry word songs.

These are some types which people choose according to their emotions. Music also helps in change their emotions. People remove their sadness and tiredness with listening music. Music also used for represent culture of society. People used various music, folk songs on marriage or many occasions. Some thinks that without music, world will become silent. Because some people are habitual for listening music everyday for fresh mind.


Music helps the people to express their feeling and provide platform for sharing feeling with others. Mostly people attach their feeling with song by listening its lyrics. It happens mostly in young age people. People prefer the career in music field. Some spent their life in composition, some spent in writing lyrics, some spent in singing songs.

At last we can say music become part and parcel of life, because it share happiness, sadness of the life. Without music life becomes empty. Music can make & convert feeling of us to feel happy or peaceful, encourage to dance, or move us to tears.

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